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Oslo swingers club

Swingin’ in all the right places


This Oslo-based fivesome is seriously playful. Tight, fun and swinging in all the right places, this group is out to infect the masses with good old foot tapping, finger snapping rhythms! With their humorous yet meaningful songs the group creates spiritually sustainable music that gets your juices flowing, shamelessly mixing genres along the way. Their appetite for playing has seen them perform anywhere from shady shacks to dazzling dance halls all over Europe. These guys have been around the block and they’ve got some stories to tell.


Vocals / Emily Brannigan
Lead Guitar / Tor Ezaki
Saxophone / Tim Lowerson
Rhythm Guitar / Jacob Kronen
Double Bass / Martin Morland

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Tickly tones

Oslo Swingers Club’s Debut EP!

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Stompin' at the laundromat

Live with Bårdar Swing Club / May 5th 2017

Tell me why

Studio session

Unemployment Swing

Live at Kulturhuset / June 3rd 2017

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Venues of all sizes, festivals, private occasions, weddings and company events.

(+47) 466 94 949 / osloswingersclub@gmail.com