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Oslo swingers club

Hot Jazz for Cool Cats


Oslo Swingers Club serves a cocktail of hot jazz and gypsy swing with a potent mix of original tunes and classics from the jazz age. A base of rock steady swing rhythm get your feet tapping, playful improvisations perk up your ears and quirky arrangements keep things interesting. They were united in 2014 by their love for jazz and the swing era sounds of legends like Django Reinhardt, Benny Goodman and Ella Fitzgerald. Their debut EP will be released soon.


Vocals / Emily Brannigan
Lead Guitar / Tor Ezaki
Saxophone / Tim Lowerson
Rhythm Guitar / Jacob Kronen
Double Bass / Martin Morland

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Stompin' at the laundromat

Live with Bårdar Swing Club / May 5th 2017

Tell me why

Studio session

Unemployment Swing

Live at Kulturhuset / June 3rd 2017

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Venues of all sizes, festivals, private occasions, weddings and company events.

(+47) 466 94 949 / osloswingersclub@gmail.com